Tuesday, May 5, 2015


I was recently asked by a friend to curate a playlist for the Mexican-Japanese culinary powerhouse CHINO in the budding neighborhood of Kennedy Town, Hong Kong. The vibe is modern, hip, and delicious. I had fun compiling roughly 12 hours of music for them, some of which you can hear right here. Blending funky hip-hop, modern Mexican, Cuban and Colombian rhythms, low-down funk and afrobeat, a few classics and some obscure world-fusion, this playlist is perfect for the kitchen, the dinner table, pre-drinks, or hey, gettin' groovy....It will keep your head nodding and happy (along with the straight-up profound Nozaki beef taco with charred jalapeños and Oaxaca cheese.....). 

If you're in HK, swing by and grab some mezcal, ceviche, sotol and salsa fresca!  -----> CHINO HK

P.S. ---> You own a restaurant / small business? Want some personally curated sonic vibes to improve marketing, business and overall image? Hit me up! There's plenty more where this came from.  

.....yum yum yum.....