Monday, September 21, 2015

011: Personal Crates - Women in Hip Hop 

Women in the world of hip-hop music and culture have long struggled with marginalization, misogyny, objectification and abuse. Hyper-masculinity  in much successful hip-hop creates an atmosphere where it is hard for independent female voices that don't cater to or imitate their male counterparts to break through and gain success. With that said, there remains a rich history of women rapping and helping push the music and culture forward, often providing new perspectives, ideas and themes.

Above is a selection of some of my favorite female rappers, spanning from contemporary to golden age to old skool. Yes, I have left out some legendary artists and tracks, but I wanted to be concise. Sorry, no Missy, Eve, Kim, Rage, etc....maybe in Vol. II. This playlist runs in reverse chronology (new to old), beginning with Londoner Little Simz (who just dropped a new album) and working our way to such legends as MC Lyte and Queen Latifah. Nod your head and enjoy. 

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

010: A Brief Introduction to...Wackies 45 RPM Vinyl 

Considered the first significant reggae studio and record label in the United States, Wackies specialized in what was then a unique brand of bass-heavy, 'lo-fi' reggae that blended roots, dancehall and dub. Based in New York City, the label regularly featured Jamaican artists such as Horace Andy and Sugar Minott, but also included a number of Americans like Itopia and Jah Batta, all of whom helped build the NYC reggae scene of the 70's and 80's. The 'lo-fi' sound Wackies help craft would go onto influence future generations of reggae, hip-hop and electronic artists, placing emphasis on bass, minimalism and groove. Above are some of my personal favorite selections from a stack of their 7" records. 

Top Top Tracks: Imagination Rock, Rope In (DJ Cut)    

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

009: Culture Cross

All of these tracks are collaborations between two distinct musical traditions / styles from around the world (note the countries of origin below the artist and track name), resulting in some interesting musical fusions. 'Cross-cultural collaborations' have become a popular trend in the international music scene, becoming popularized by Paul Simon's work with South African and Brazilian artists on his famed Graceland and Rhythm of the Saints releases, this form of collaboration can allow artists and fans to experience foreign cultures and new musical structures live and in the studio. Personally, I think this 'deliberate hybridity' can seem at times a bit forced or unnatural, but I have chosen some pockets of my favorite releases or collaborations, some of which have inspired me a great deal.

Personal Top Selections: Bamba, Mimoun Marhaba, Foro Bana

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

008: Stormy Noir

As we slowly creep out of summer and into a damp, chilly grayness there are aspects that I loath and aspects that I love. This playlist intends to draw from both of these emotions, with shrill sounds placed among syrupy beats, hazy tones and dark, textured ambient pads. Beginning with a focus on electronic production and bleeding into sometimes jazzy, mostly ambient noise, I want to evoke an image of standing in the evening rain -- partially refreshed, partially ruined.    

Personal Top Selections Include: Dreaming of Beating up Your Family, Midnight Radio 7, and In the Fog III.

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