Wednesday, December 2, 2015

014 / 015 - Good Morning /// Good Evening

Two playlists. Clearly, what people enjoy at certain points in the day is subjective, but these are designed not only out of personal preference but also with tempo, texture and emotion in mind. 
Good Morning. In the morning I find myself listening to more 'world' music, reggae (very much including the dubs), and varied jazz and acoustic works. The tempos vary, I enjoy allowing music to wake me up a bit as well as ease me into the day. The textures are usually bright, but sometimes maybe still a little dreamy. 
Good Evening. Jazzed, blunted, thoughtful electronic-based selections. This one feels a bit more like a de-constructed DJ set rather than a curated playlist (what's the difference though?). Heavy on South London sounds and artists (Mo Kolours, Tenderlonious, Al Dobson Jr, Reginald Omas Mamode IV, Henry Wu, Chaos in the CBD), these tracks carry an aesthetic similar to how people first perceived jazz: 'cool'. Things begin a bit uptempo and slide slowly into soulful, hip-hop tinged beats, with purples and blues fluttering throughout.  

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